Everything you Need to Know About a Hair Transplant

Hair transplant in Kenya

A hair transplant is a surgical procedure involving the removal of hair follicles from one section of the body also known as the donor area and then implanting them into the area that is affected by hair loss (recipient area). Two methods are commonly used during hair transplant; Follicular Unit Transplantation (FUT) and Follicular Unit […]

Weight Loss Testimonial – Mary Muthoni

Skin brightening in Kenya

MY SILVER LINING DURING COVID-19 I used to see and hear of before and after photos and figures. I never used to believe them. Until early this year, it was my time to make strategic and radical decisions about my health challenges. This post is based on my true testimony of 8 months journey. My […]

Everything you need to know about antioxidant therapy

Skin brightening nairobi

What is Anti-Oxidant Therapy? Anti-Oxidant Therapy is a direct IV Therapy that involves administration of Glutathione, N- Acetyl cysteine, and Vitamin C in different moderate doses varying from patient to patient. What is Glutathione? Glutathione is an antioxidant produced in cells. It’s comprised largely of three amino acids: glutamine, glycine, and cysteine. Glutathione levels in […]


Facials in Nairobi

🎯Purpose: different types of medicated facials for different indications 👓How it works: exfoliates the skin and give nutrients to the skin. ✏️Note: different facial for all indications. 👏Technique: we cleanse using an electric machine and exfoliate with a medical scrub and the give the right serums for the face, post which led light is given […]


Skin tags and mole removal

🎯Purpose: removes any skin lesions 👓How it works: plasma pen electrically removes any skin lesions ✏️Note: does not leave scars 👏Technique: burns off the lesion, without any pain or blood. 😴Anesthesia: local anaesthesia ⏰Time it takes: 10-20 minutes 📆Recovery: 2-3 weeks 👍🏻Lasts: Permanent 😱Pain level: none


Microneedling in Nairobi

🎯Purpose: resurface the top layers of the skin 👓How it works: works for acne, scars, skin resurfacing, stretch marks, melasma. ✏️Note: different lasers for different indications 👏Technique: laser abrades the top layers of the skin giving new skin 😴Anesthesia: topical anaesthesia ⏰Time it takes: 10-20 mins 📆Recovery: 1-2 weeks 👍🏻Lasts: 5-6 sessions required for permanent […]


Microneedling in Kenya

🎯Purpose: Rejuvenate the skin around area treated 👓How it works: derma rollers ✏️Note: we have the latest LED derma rollers 👏Technique: hair follicles are re-implanted from the donor area of your scalp into the are where there is no hair, which grow back in time. 😴Anesthesia: local anaesthesia ⏰Time it takes: 1-2 days (6-7 hours […]


Skin Brightening in Nairobi

🎯Purpose: treat acne, pigmentation, lighten skin. 👓How it works: exfoliates skin to regenerate new skin ✏️Note: peels are the simplest mode of treatment. 👏Technique: acid derived from plants are applied to the skin to exfoliate the skin in the targeted area. 😴Anesthesia: none. ⏰Time it takes: 10-15 mins 📆Recovery: 2-3 weeks 👍🏻Lasts: Permanent 😱Pain level: […]


Eyebrow transplant in Kenya

🎯Purpose: restore eyebrows, get semi permanent eyeliner, and get semi permanent pigmented lips. 👓How it works: semi permanent ink is drawn into the area of interest. ✏️Note: lasts two years 👏Technique: ink is inserted in the area in the right shape. 😴Anesthesia: local anesthesia ⏰Time it takes: 1-2 hours 📆Recovery: 1-2 weeks 👍🏻Lasts: Semi-Permanent 😱Pain […]



🎯Purpose: tighten the targeted area. 👓How it works: releases fibroblasts that rejuvenate the target area. ✏️Note: latest technique in skin tightening 👏Technique: skin is consisted in the area using a pen like machine. 😴Anesthesia: topical gel ⏰Time it takes: 1-2 hours 📆Recovery: 4-5 days 👍🏻Lasts: Permanent 😱Pain level: moderate