I used to see and hear of before and after photos and figures. I never used to believe them. Until early this year, it was my time to make strategic and radical decisions about my health challenges. This post is based on my true testimony of 8 months journey.

My yearly normal health check ups are in January/Feb. This year was no exception and as I chat with the doctor, he dropped the bombshell.
‘Mary, you must do something about your weight otherwise you are a step away from being diabetic!’

I weighed 99 kgs. My cholesterol had skyrocketed. All my clothes weren’t fitting. I had started shopping for size 18; a leap from size 12/14. I couldn’t rock my 6 inch since my weight was too much. To say the least, my pot belly was uncomfortable, not even a tight corset could reduce it. My kids kept asking me if I am pregnant and if it’s a boy or a girl. 🙆🏼‍♀️.

First forward to March …… I was getting depressed. Food appetite and for sugary things was growing. I love my wheat, my chocolates etc Those who saw me between November & January can attest I was a small piglet (msichana mfupi round) waiting to be slaughtered. In March, GOK announced that COVID 19 has hit home and we needed to stay indoors. I had just enrolled in a nearby gym but ooh 😯. My dear friends, I had to make a drastic decision. I had to lower my ego and pride and consult. I went to one of the women in business WhatsApp groups and asked for a weight loss management consultant. This one kind lady shot up +254 799 995716 Dr. Malde Arshne.

A journey of a thousand miles start with a single step. I took a step of faith, went to her clinic in parklands, paid 3,000 consultation fee and the rest as they say is HISTORY. I do 20 minutes intensive stationery bike everyday, take 5 km walk at least thrice a week, and I choose what I eat, my portions and the right. I am at 83 kg. I have a target and so help me God. A month ago, my cholesterol level had dipped and my vitals improved.

You who is struggling with weight loss, START. Don’t be shy.